~/Right way with python and ruby

Attention Unix fan boys , this post is for you!!!

This is my first post in English to practice this skill that is so important.

I intend to publish others post in english as well.

Sometime ago, I read this message by @fnando in twitter!

  • 'Na próxima vez que alguém disser que trabalhar com ruby/rails no windows, vou dar um abraço. você é um herói!'
  • 'Next time that someone says that works with ruby/rails on windows, I will give him a hug. you are a hero!'

I loved to read this sentence, and I would like to give my opinion about it!

Why Right way with python and ruby?

  • Ruby comes by default in Mac Os
  • Python comes by default in many distros GNU Linux
  • Ruby and Python are languages that UNix community adopts as development platform.

this is a sign that unix platform is the most prepared!

So, you should not use in Windows?

Thats not the point. Yes you can use ruby and python in Windows, both are multi-platform. But you need to understand that you are going to have some problems!


  • Some gem and pip have dependency with libs of operation system.
  • Slow support compared with Unix platform.
  • RVM, that is the main used sandbox, don’t have Windows support.

Anyway, my suggestion is to use Windows only to develop simple projects (little gems,pip), that I believe you will not face any problems. For more complex projects, use Unix!

Now everybody knows why I like these programming languages very much!!!!

Published Aug 01, 2012 by f0rmig4